Monday, 2 May 2011

Positive Changes.....

Today marks a fresh start for me :)

I have completed indiebiz3.0 !!, which has been an incredible, inspiring journey which has helped me not only to achieve goals but a fresh out-look on running a successful business...

After much thought and debate i have decided to no longer to use the name/brand "Madefor3"  i feel this no longer represents me or my style ... i am kinda sad but, I know that this is the right thing for me to do.

Here is why is have made this decision...
1. When I started blogging, i only had 3 daughters, in Januay of this year that changed to 4!
2. I found "Madefor3" difficult to brand
3. I lacked direction in what i wanted to achieve

I have decided to go by the name ......"Polkadot-Pretties" :), after analysing my style and things that i love, i found that most of them had Polkadots (this is also reflected with various items around my home aswell as clothes).

I have also change my twitter account to  so you can follow my journey there....

I also have a new Blog, , i hope that you will follow me over on my new blog !! (i am still working on customising) but would love for you to stop by :)

I have reserved an Etsy shop "Shoppolkadotpretties" but i am going to do a launch, with a giveaway in a couple of weeks :)

so all that is left to say is
MollyT -
"madefor3", it has been a learning curve......

"Polkadot-Pretties" i am looking forward to a successful and happy future together.....


To new beginnings :)

I will now be blogging over at look forward to meeting you there :)

Claire xox

Friday, 29 April 2011

A fun Make-Over ;)

One of my “Wednesday Wishes” this week was to re-upholster this......

Well guess what I have been up to.....

What do you think to the Make-Over?

Here is a close up of some extra detail I added...

I think I have found a new hobby....

I have also had a lovely day with family and my girls watching the royal Wedding.. I made a traditional buffet, full of British delights, scones, tea, strawberries and vanilla ice cream.

Congratulations to the happy couple :)
Priscilla Lopes

What plans do you have for the weekend?
Claire xox

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wednesday Wishes !!

I am a bit late posting today, but better late than not at all!

How are your wishes coming along???

Here are my wishes for this week, only a short post today as i havent started dinner yet ;)

HELLO TIGER! - design, inredning, hantverk och gör det själv-idéer: Bloggar som inspirerat mig under 2009 Inspiring blogs during 2009
continue working on my shop *wink*
Verandah House
make time for a relaxing bath.....

re-upholster this

don't forget to link up and leave me a comment with your wishes....

I am off to make dinner for my 3 hungry girls....

Happy Wednesday

Claire xox

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Nursery Make over ....

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend ???
I have finally finished adding the finishing touches to Nylah’s nursery, so i thought i would share with you the before and after...



Here are some close ups, of cute things i have added.

Cute Right???

The bunting is made by me :)

I just had to buy her the cute spotty dog (you know i love polka dots *wink*)

I did a hand and foot cast, on the 17th Feb 2011 (she was exactly 1 month old)

The cushion and the "baby" sign i bought at craft shops :) both are handmade and fit perfectly with the colour scheme..

I have loved doing the nursery make-over, i think it is one of the nicest rooms in our house......

I love the blend of handmade and highstreet...

Do you have any decorating plans this weekend????

Claire xox

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Wednesday Wishes!!!

It’s been a stressful week, this week. Baby Nylah had a scan yesterday on her hips, even though everything tuned out ok, i have been worried about the appointment all week, i have hardly slept.
Even though Nylah is 12 weeks old, medically she is classed as 6 weeks (with her being born at 34 weeks). She is defiantly a fighter and truly my gift. “Nylah means gift”.

So i have been looking forward to posting my Wednesday Wishes this week, for some much needed inspiration.....

Love Sucks.

To make some time to start swimming again.

Love. Luck. Kisses & Cake: Work Life
Start working on my New shop

I am still busy working “Indie Biz 3.0”; my own goal is, by the end of the course i would like to have my own shop opened.

Wasp Waisted Mannequin in Laura Ashley by CorsetLacedMannequin
Buy one of these

I would love to have one of these in my sewing room...

My 3 wishes this week.

Don’t forget to link up and leave me you wishes, I Love to read them...

Happy Wednesday !!!

Claire xox

Monday, 18 April 2011

What a great read...

One of the things that I wanted to achieve before the arrival of my  baby was to finish a book, I choose a book that I probably wouldn't have normally... but I am so glad I did :)
Here is what I have just finished reading :) ....

Three Weeks with my Brother
I finished this book last night, I have enjoyed every minute of it, I would highly recommend reading.  I found this book motivational, inspiring, honest and reflective...
 THREE WEEKS WITH MY BROTHER is laced with photos that provide the background for a fabulous travelogue. More important are those that trace the family's history. These pictures give color to a childhood filled with struggles. Micah's attitude is one of carefree acceptance, while Nicholas reveres him but is unable to live with the same nonchalance as his brother. When tragedy strikes them, not once but three times, they cope in quite different ways. However, they come together as a unit and move forward as a family.
It wasn't until I learnt more about the author that I discovered, he is also the author of one of my favourite movies.....

The Notebook

I love this movie, for me it is a great love story and is set in the 1940's :)
This is going to be the next book that I read, even though I have seen the movie soooo many times.

Have you read any good books lately ???
Who are your favourite authors’s and/or book??

Leave me a comment I love to hear from you :)

Claire xox

Sunday, 17 April 2011

My Baby Girl is 3 months old today !

How time has flown by, I cannot believe she is 3 months old already.....
She is such a happy baby; she always brings a smile to my face.
She has learnt soooo much over the last 4 weeks, she has figured out that she can use her hands to rub her eyes and that they can also go in her mouth, her eyes follow me where ever i go.

She continues to put on weight; you would never believe that she was born at 34 weeks (I even have to remind myself).
She is going for a scan on Tuesday, on her hips, to make sure that everything is ok. I will be glad when it is over with, I feel real nervous about it.
Nylah @ 3 months

Hope your having a great weekend.
Claire xox